Creating Engaging Instagram Stories: A step-by-step guide!

Creating Engaging Instagram Stories: A step-by-step guide!

Stories work really well to connect with people on social media. A few experts say that Instagram's has lots it's reach, and that other social media platforms like TikTok are getting all the attention. But I don't really agree.

Yep, there are loads of stories on Instagram made by regular folks like us. This makes it pretty hard to stand out on these sites.

These are just a couple of reasons why we think you should try using Instagram Stories, but only if you use a good plan.

Obviously, there are some rules and tips you should know before you start, so keep reading to find out how to use Instagram Stories the best way to show off your brand.

Why use Instagram Stories

Guess what? Instagram Stories are actually the best way to make more people see your posts naturally on the site.

Why use Instagram stories

Stories happen because people online want to know what's happening right now, whether it's from their friends or famous people they follow.

Stories can also help you get more followers quickly because they're becoming really important on social media. Plus, those little circles at the top of the screen make them super easy to notice. This makes stories cool and really helpful for talking to active users every day.

It doesn't matter if your brand is fun and different or if you're working for a serious group. Sharing your stories can totally help more people see what you're about.

We believe this is a super cool way to start using Instagram Stories on your page.

What makes a successful Instagram story

An effective Instagram Story is a narrative that engages, resonates, and leaves a lasting impression on your audience rather than just a transient photo or video. Read some of our top suggestions below.

Adding value

You can make effective Instagram Stories for your brand without needing fancy pictures or special video tools.

Getting more people to see your stories mostly involves finding out what Instagram users like and what they want from your content. Makes sense, right?

First, remember that people watch stories to stay updated on the platform. They see content from their friends, brands, and famous people they like.

In general, people watch stories to have fun. Funny things work really well, but many users also want to learn something from stories. This means your story should be helpful and valuable to your customers.

Stories aren't ads

I want to tell you that Instagram Stories can help you sell things, which is cool. But remember, don't just use them to talk about your products all the time. People like variety, so mix it up a bit.

Stories aren't ads

Also, try not to keep saying the same things like "Buy this now!" or "Click here!" too much. If you do that too often, the people who follow you might start feeling a bit uninterested in what you're sharing. It's good to keep things fresh and interesting for them.

Post regularly, but not too much

How often should you share stories? Well, stories don't stick around for long – they vanish after one day. Plus, people usually don't watch them more than once.

This means you have just one shot to grab their attention. It's different from regular ads, where showing things again and again is important.

We suggest beginning with 3 to 4 photos or video stories every week. Keep up this pace, but we bet you'll soon feel like sharing even more!

Look at all your options

You have some choices when it comes to sharing pictures and videos from your phone. You might use something you already made, or start fresh. Here are things you can do:

  • Share a story with just words.
  • Make a boomerang (that's a short, fun video that plays back and forth).
  • Take a picture or video.
  • Create a poll (a question for people to answer).

After that, you can add different things to your story, like stickers, filters, or buttons that tell people what to do.

When you're happy with your story, you can save it and share it on Instagram. You can also choose to put your story on your main feed for everyone to see.

Telling the right story on Instagram

Make sure your story is helpful to your followers. Even if you think there's a lot to share, focus on making it really good instead of making a lot.

Tell the right story

Remember, we talked about how it's good to post regularly as a brand on Instagram. It could be a good idea to plan when you'll post your stories. This way, you'll know exactly when to share what.

Also, think about this: Instagram Stories are a cool chance for you. They're a different option from Snapchat or Facebook. Those places already have a lot of stuff from brands. So, right now is a great time to reach more people without using ads!

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