Instagram Story Saver

Download and view Instagram stories anonymously

What is Story Saver?

Story Saver, also known as StorySaver, is a free online tool that lets you download Instagram stories on your computer, mobile device, or tablet. With StorySaver, you can view and save Instagram stories from public accounts in high-quality MP4 format while staying anonymous. Our service was created to provide an easy and secure way to download IG stories, as Instagram does not allow you to browse or save IG stories unless you use the official Instagram app.

How to Download Instagram Stories with StorySaver?

StorySaver net is a quick and simple tool to help you save IG stories online. Here's how to use Story Saver:


Here are some of the most common questions about our Instagram Story Saver.

Can I see someone's stories if they block me?

Yes, you can view anyone's stories as long as their profile is made public. You may watch their stories in private without logging onto your account, and they will not know. Simply put their login username into the IG Story Viewer and you'll be able to browse as if you weren't blocked.

Will people know when I look at their stories?

No, our services are completely anonymous and secure. Our website allows you to browse public accounts and view stories without the author's knowledge. You are free to view and download as many stories as you like without the user knowing.

Do I need an Instagram account?

No, you don't need to log in to your account. All the processing is done on the backend by our servers, allowing you to view and download Instagram stories in complete privacy and security.

What devices are compatible with allows you to see Instagram stories on any device or operating system, including iPhones, Android phones, computers, Mac computers, and tablets.

Can I view stories from private accounts?

No, our website only allows you to browse public accounts and view stories without the author's knowledge.

Is Story Saver safe?

Yes, Story Saver is completely safe and risk-free. We do not keep any information on our systems, so you can be confident that using our Instagram story saver is secure.

Can I download Instagram stories?

You can watch and download Instagram stories anonymously with our Instagram story saver.